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Global Leader of Wireless Charging Technology

BOEONE’s the leading integration service provider in wireless charging industry, focuses on wireless charging chips and one-stop wireless charging services, and owned nearly 100 core patents in the field of wireless charging. The main products are self-developed wireless charging chip and wireless charging scheme design, including providing wireless transmitter、wireless receiver、mobile power、vehicle-mounted wireless charger、high-efficiency wireless charging solutions and independent brand manufacturing solutions and so on. BOEONE’s the member of WPC, authorized by Qualcomm, own rare and mature high-power magnetic resonance technology in china. We developed the high-power magnetic resonance chips and solutions which are in line with the mainstream trend in the industrial application field, have the characteristics of long distance、space distance、free charge. It can be used in the IOT products, robots, unmanned aircraft, notebook computer, AGV, tools, electric vehicles and other fields.

R&D team

Global Leader of Wireless Charging Technology

The company's main staff consists of Australian, American and British overseas returnees, doctors, masters and senior research elites. More than 40 software and hardware engineers are all engaged in wireless charging industry for many years, focusing on scientific innovation Dr.Liu Ming, the team's chief consultant, graduated from Michigan college of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and is now working on high frequency wireless charging technology in the department of electrical engineering at Princeton university in the United States.


3 Country R&D Team


40 engineers of software and hardware


100 + core patents


Global Leader of Wireless Charging Technology


Chargifi of UK

Technology licensing:

by Qualcomm Wi-power team