World-Leading Wireless Charging Integration Service Provider


Control the core technology patents of wireless charging field.

3 Country R&D Team

Senior research talents of Australia,USA,UK

WPC Members

The members of Qi and A4WP

Self-developed High-performance Chip

Pass QI, realization of a master IC control multiple circuits was first developed.

The Leading Magnetic Resonance Technology

Owned rare and mature high-power magnetic resonance technology in china.

One-stop Solution

Provide customized one-stop wireless charging technology solution.

Our Products

Chip & Solution of Wireless Charging

Consumer Electronics QI

Compatibility 15W/10W/7.5W/5W Widely used in smart phones,intelligent wear,intelligent home and other fields.

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Industry 100-3000W

Industry Long Distance, space distance, free charge Widely used in power tools, industrial equipment, internet of things equipment and other fields.

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EV cars

Using high power magnetic resonance technology Without physical contact, Flexible and safe charging

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Agnetic Connect for Inductive Charging

Agnetic Connect for Inductive Charging11111

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EV cars

EV cars3333

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Directional Development

Customized Wireless Charging Solution

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